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FUGE is a world leading manufacturer and designer of bellow forming machine, expansion joint forming machine, hose forming machines. With reliable and stable performance and competitive offer, we have sold our feature product automatic bellow forming machine / expansion joint forming machine has been sold to many reputable companies, provided reliable service for many years.

In recent years, we also developed continuous metal hose forming machine DN6-50, which can form 1 meter annular hose per min. Besides, rectangular corner bellow bending machine, tube expander, re-rolling machine, tube mill and other relevant machines has won plenty of prize from our customers. 

Helix Hose Forming Machine
Re-rolling Machine (DN860-3000)
Tube Expander
Core Leaching Autoclave
Automatic Dewaxing Autoclave
Automatic Bellow Forming Machine DN100-1000
Automatic Expansion Joint Forming Machine (DN700-2000)
Automatic Bellow Making Machine (DN2000-6000)
Re-rolling Machine (DN100-1200)
Metal Bellow Expansion Joint
Annular Hose Forming Machine (continuous)